FX Fearless

What We Did

We asked questions.

We questioned our questions.

We asked slightly different questions.


And again

And accepted the fact that

The questions are probably never ending.


Who are we as a human race? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Who do we want to be? Why?

What do these pictures say about us? How do sounds make us feel? What happens when we shift perspective?

Our exploration, our path, our questioning and reflection led to the first Manifesto in 2018.

What needs to be said? Who should be saying it? How is it being said?

At every stage the world changes and we change along with it. New questions arose; we looked at ourselves through a 2020 lens and evolved the brand manifesto for TCA.

When this journey began, we couldn’t
wait to see how far we’d go together.
Both Fearless Manifestos evolved into
individual Emmy campaigns; year after year
they played as love letters to all the artists in
our industry on journeys of their own.

The Journey Continues.

Time called the 2019 FX Emmy campaign “the most compelling commercial series . . . filled with transfixing and suspenseful shots.” Our exploration doesn’t end, and partnering with the fearless Creatives at FX is why we’re still here.



We tell stories about stories. Stories you can feel.

With full time employees in LA, Honolulu, Seattle, Austin, and Santa Fe, SLAQR is the multi-award winning agency and Creative resource for bold storytellers and studio executives to expand their vision and introduce premium content to global audiences. Valued for its meticulous point of view and passionate team of artists and leaders, SLAQR is a company and culture that champions Creative work, Creative people, and the Creative process.


As long as we’re having fun, we’ll be here.




Whoops. Something ain't right.  


Boom. Sent.