Myspace Future

  • Concept/Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Script
  • Creative Editorial
  • Design/Animation
  • Sound Design/Mix

One of two brand films we produced for the intro of the new Myspace at Advertising Week. Co-owner, Justin Timberlake, presented to a select group of advertisers at an invite-only event.



NU - New

CLSX - Classics


We are SLAQR.

We tell stories about stories. We experiment tirelessly and fearlessly. We break formulas and routine, routinely. This is what inspiresĀ us, what pushes us to grow, what attracts the right partners with the right projects. This is what we call the SLAQR wavelength.


SLAQR produces trailers and promotional content for media clients on a global scale. Our specialties are creative editorial, sound design, and music curation. Since our launch in 2010, we've shaped big initiatives, launched hundreds of shows, and premiered some of our favorite films. As long as we are having fun, we will be here.

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